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about club


Alexey Shishkov founded a club in November 2000. It is a part of a Group of Companies' Three Elements which includes children's youthful sports school Three Elements, dive center, sports store and a restaurant located on Sokol station.


 The number of people during the first season did not exceed 15 people. As well as today the trainings were carried out in a swimming pool Izmailovo and the base Burevestnik under supervision of Alexey Savinov and Dmitry Monakin. In spring the Three Elements went out for the first time and rented the bus LIAZ for this purpose. During May holidays the four rivers were done Polomet', L'nyanaja, Raguzha. The trip was finished on the river Msta where almost all the members of the club appeared before public having given rise to both interest and criticism.

Photo: Our first trip


In summer the training process was continued on the river Skhodnya. In early September we bought a minivan Ford Transit. That fact made a good start for our big trips. The first trip was to the autumn Caucasus (Kuban', Zelenchuk, B. Laba, Belaya). The members of that trip were people who still continue their trainings in the club, travel with our club and are its  most active members: Nataliya Korneeva, Ruslan Korotaev, Alexey Khizhnyakov, Sergey Markelov, Alexey Novikov, Vasiliy Anikushin.


Starting from a new winter season a primary kayaking school resumed its lessons. A new direction rodeo on smooth water - was opened for those who already had an experience in kayaking. The instructor of this direction became not unknown Doctor. In November a future pro-rider of Three Elements Dmitry Danilov (Mityaj) joined the club as well as such persons as Sosonkin Andrey together with Yurets, Ilja Klochkov, Sergey Ananjev. One more event, which was not less important for us rather than a bus purchase, happened the same winter. We started a Camper's building on Burevestnik.

Until that moment we did not have a clubhouse of our own and after trainings we had to run to our places or hang around. The clubhouse, where we   -2 now gather all together after trainings, have tea, watch video, communicate, where new ideas and plans arise was built by the members of the club under strict Ruslan's supervision. Once we got a new clubhouse where we could meet during our free time, our team united even more closely and the main club life started there.


We had big plans and hopes for a rafting season 2002. The number of trainees was constantly increasing. We started to participate in boating technique events, proposing a team of students of Three Elements together with the instructors. The excellent results were reached during a spring training visit to Yuzhny Bug, where people really improved their skills. By that time we already used to travel by two buses The same year in summer the most outstanding members of the club decided to do serious rivers for the first time. It was Norway, which gave us many new impressions, enthusiasm from a quantity of various rivers and first waterfalls. But there were also disappointments. Norway had showed us that we had to train much more and we continued our trainings.


  - The trainings on Skhodnya alternated with going out to rapid water. The beginners had quite a lot of water on Shuya where they were working through the Eskimo roll and got their first fun from a surfing on a wave. In autumn we again chose the Caucasus as a test trip the rivers Belaya and then Mzymta. The upper parts were chosen for pro-riders and a training rafting on mud rapids was good for those who were less experienced. That time Dimon Romashkin was already with us. Today he is the best coach of our club. Thanks to his program in a swimming pool, rowing swimming pool and on a slalom track he has brought up very strong and respect deserving sportsmen and kayakers of our club.

The same autumn Alexey Shishkov did the waterfall Akh-TSU on Mzymta. That gave us a new stimulus for trainings and opened new horizons for beginners.


And again the winter season. Rodeo school continues working (the instructor is Alexander Mikhelev). Dimon is brining up his beginners and the old members of the club have got a new interest canoe polo. Unfortunately this kind of sport was wrongly forgotten in Russia. It was not clear how to organize the training process for quite a long time. But Alexey Shishkov and the club's members who got involved into this interesting sport began to work it out in real earnest.

In February 2003 the team of the club organized an expedition to one of the most remote spots of our planet New Zealand. There was a film shot about this trip full of interesting and dangerous rafting, the most beautiful views and wonderful nature. The members of this expedition became Shishkov, Klochkov, Korotaev and Oleg Golovkin. The Real Taste of Kiwi differs from a popular today kayak videos. This is a peculiar report, which can be treated as a handbook for those who will decide to visit New Zealand.


The plans for spring-summer were much more extensive rather than in previous years. Volgusha, Msta, Yavan' in April, Teberda, Amanauz, Aksaut, Zelenchuk, Laba during May holidays 47 people and five minivans in number. Shuya, ,  2003Losevo (the first place in mixed crews, the second place in double catamaran, the third place in canoe polo tournament). And then again there was Norway, which showed us how much the guys improved their skills in comparison with the last year.


In Norway in 2003 we were met by difficult rapid rivers, several waterfalls as well as the well-known rapids Tunnel , -Drop. Alexey Shishkov, Ruslan Korotaev, Vasily Anikushin, Mikhael Panteleev and Mikhael Matrosov did the rapids in the underground tunnel. Before that moment only not numerous foreign rafters and the most experienced and strongest Russian extreme men subjugated it. We should note that the girls who used to go in for kayaking even less than one year also jumped from seven meters waterfalls. It was their first time when they did such big waterfalls.


 :)Summer and autumn were full of trips and travels, competitions and rodeo weekends. The interest to canoe polo is growing. Eugene Senner translated the international Game's Rules. Today canoe polo is on the rise and one of the most promising directions of the club. In December 2003 the Three Elements organized and hold the First Open Championship of Russia in canoe polo. The teams from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Belarus' took part in that Championship.


The administration and members of the club continue working out the training plan under support of our foreign friends. The member of the Dutch national team Robert Aitken had played an important role in developing of our canoe polo. During his visit to Moscow he continued his trainings in our club and directed the training process to a proper channel. In January 2004 a judging seminar was organized. The examiner was Frits Jagger, the President of the International Federation of Canoe Polo, who came to Moscow especially with this purpose. Twelve people from different Moscow clubs got their certificates.


Today the Three Elements numbers about 100 active club members. The training process is in full swing. In winter it includes two trainings a week (a swimming pool and rowing swimming pool). Beginners are trained how to do the Eskimos roll by all means and also learn a correct rowing. A gym and football are also at their disposal. For those people who are trained for the second year and more there are trainings of rodeo elements on smooth water, canoe polo and also rowing swimming pool where they continue their trainings and work through the straight and other kinds of strokes, speeding up and where they get more serious load rather than beginners. In spring and summer there are also two trainings a week but on the open water. The beginners learn how to run their boats on a slalom track, and more experienced trainees prepare themselves for boating technique competitions, slalom events and also for serious rivers' subjugations. The active trainings in canoe polo are carried out on a special area. We should also note that starting from autumn in 2003 we've got rid of a problem with a short daylight period in April and October. A slalom track and area for canoe polo were equipped with illumination, which gave us an opportunity to have trainings according to our regular schedule in spite of the fact that nights are coming down very quickly.


And all this is done to get ready for a new extreme season for the sake of which we train. After some years it's getting clear that rowing, canoe polo and rodeo are good instruments to learn how to operate a boat and understand water.


The club has a sports team representing Three Elements at competitions, two strong canoe polo

teams and also an extreme team which is ready to travel around the world and subjugate various rivers. Ex students became assistant instructors.


The club provides a trainee with a kayak, paddle and petticoat for trainings. There are two trainings a week under instructor's supervision. We also guarantee an extensive plan of events, trips where the experienced instructors always keep an eye on how people do the rivers.


  We mainly travel by buses, which are specially equipped to take people and their boats from one river to another one. Generally there's a space for nine people in a bus and for the same quantity or in case of need even more boats.

If you want to achieve a real progress in kayaking, travels and rafting on rapid water, if you want to meet interesting people you are welcome to the club Three Elements! Here you will get a valuable sports life and a good company for trainings and travels.


If everybody starts going in for kayaking the world will become even better!



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